Native Lawn Care -  Services

Pedro offers compehensive landscape care to our 20+ commercial properties and many valued domestic clients currently receiving our services.


Read our reviews on Facebook and keep an eye out for us on sight at our commercial locations in Kingaroy and the surrounding area. 


Scheduled Services

The success of our business is thanks to all of our fantastic clients whom have ongoing scheduled services with us, many for 3+ years running.

Scheduling your property care and maintenance with us ensures regular upkeep and allowance for additional needs that may present themselves during the year. 


Slashing, Mowing, Catching

Our mowing services are powered by Ferris, Greenfield and Toro, serviced and sourced locally. We offer light slashing, mowing, mulching and catching suitable to your needs. Seek Pedro's experienced advice for growing and caring for a fantastic lawn. 


Edging, Trimming, Brushcutting & Spraying

Pathway edging, Line Trimming, Thick Brushcutting and Spraying are essential services for all properties, particularily leading into Spring and Summer.

We service waterways, large and small property edging, including Local Council notified cleanups. 

We offer multiple applications to suit the season and your needs. 


One Off & Seasonal Services

Whether you are needing an inspection ready property or an annual yard cleanup we are always willing to fit in these essential maintenance requests. 

We also love to attend your memorable home gardens to help out during your retirement or busy lives.  


Hedging, Topiary & Pruning

Our range of petrol and power equipment enable all styles of hedging, pruning and overgrowth to be brought back to a beautiful and maintainable state of growth. Pedro's knowledge is invaluable for restoring and replacing hedges and trees to keep your garden looking amazing. 


Landscape Application, 
Fertilizing & Green Waste

We arrange delivery of all landscape supplies and apply these to your gardens and improving yard areas. Popular requests are general mulching and chipping, adding sand and soil. 

We offer advice and application of fertilizers and aeration to suit your lawn and garden goals. 

Green waste removal is also an integral part of all services.